naturally Corderies

Because we think Nature & People must be at the center of our life, we fixe us annually new targets in order to reduce our environnemental footprint. we are aware of the way to go.



rooms & suite

- master button allow to switch off all lights
- most of our rooms are with showers
- in the wellness building washbassins have been designed for water saving and connected windows to reduce heating
- bathroom linen is changed when you want
- our team take care of linen on site
- cleanning products are selected


gardens & terrace

Side gardens

- our park provides refuge for many small animals, insects and birds
- we plant fruit trees
- no phytosanitary product for our gardens
- we practice late mowings with no human intervention in some parts of the garden



side Kitchen

- we respect the seasonal cycle
- we think recipes to reduce waste
- we have selected local producers for their quality products, fair trade & to reduce footprint
- fancy vegetarian menu... our chef will prepare one his beautiful plates


Les Corderies

sharing, transmission & Environment

- most of our team are on permanent contract
- sharing his part of our values: we are happy to welcome young people in apprenticeship
- we practice selective sorting
- we install motion sensor to reduce consumption

You can contact us

by phone at +33 3 22 61 30 61
by mail at:

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